Duncan writing, editing, publishing


Duncan, writing, editing, publishing

With and without that comma, that’s what this blog is. It’s what emerges from the process of me writing, editing and publishing. It’s also an agglomeration of my writings on an assortment of subjects: me, writing, editing, publishing, and a whole bunch of other stuff too.

My name is Duncan Felton. This blog emerged in 2009, as part of the coursework for my Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Editing and Communications) at the University of Melbourne. It has since then spluttered into life as my own little eclectic, evolving and experimental continuum of online writing.

I live in Canberra. I’m a writer, an editor and I work at a library. I’m the founding editor/publisher at Grapple Publishing, where we publish The Grapple Annual, a date-based anthology of prose, poetry, comics, art and other good stuff. I was one the founding co-producers of Noted, an experimental writers festival, in 2015, and I’ll be sticking around to help them with stuff for a while yet. I’m also one of the coordinators of Scissors Paper Pen, a Canberran creative collective for people under 35 that organises regular events containing storytelling, music, art, discussion, beverages, and other rad things. We also make soundcasts, write things on the SPP blog and sometimes we make zines and other literary experiments. I also have another old blog, containing writings inspired by found ephemera: Suburban Flotsam and Jetsam

I even find time to answer emails, so if you want to talk, get in touch.

Thanks for dropping by!


Writings, editings and publishings elsewhere as of June 2015:



Editor of The Grapple Annual No. 2 (2015)

Co-producer of the Canberra’s first experimental writers festival, Noted.

Ekphrastic fiction piece Bruno Kriegel: a retrospective published by rip publishing as part of their Light Years collaborative project with PhotoAccess (March 2015)


Editor of The Grapple Annual No. 1 (2014)

Rambling non-fiction piece Grappling with the Annual published in the print edition of The N00bz: New adventures in literature, by if:book Australia (September 2014)

Proofreader for Nigel Featherstone’s novella The Beach Volcano, published by Blemish Books (March 2014)

Two poems, Lines (home) and Lines (work), published in Ripple Tank Zine Issue 1 – CUSP

Poem An Invitation published as a letter posted to various Canberran addresses as part of You Are Here 2014’s Letters to a Suburb project, and published online at this here You Are Here 2014 website for the Letters to a Suburb project (March 2014)

Fictional letter Just Between Suburbs published in the You There! broadsheet as part of You Are Here Festival 2014 (March 2014)



Prose poem Siren published in the Villainess mini-anthology accompanying the Villainess fashion photography exhibition (November 2013)

Editor of Scissors Paper Pen‘s first antholozine/zinethology Paperclip 1 (May-August 2013) [get in touch if you want a copy!]

A Survey of Ways in Which Scissors Paper Pen is Like The Skywhale for The Writers Bloc blog (July 2013)

Poem Some Favourite Waves, From Most to Least published in Issue One of Prowlings (March 2013)



Various writings, editings, Soundcloud seedings and more, for Scissors Paper Pen (2012 and ongoing onwards into the future)

Album review Andrew Bird – Hands of Glory published in BMA magazine (December 2012)

Album review Time and Weight – Time And Weight published in BMA magazine (December 2012)

Three interviews with the three poets in Triptych Poets 3, for Blemish Books (Aug-October 2012)

Exhibition launch review Hanging Gardens of Illegality published in BMA magazine (August 2012)

Book review ‘A Bump on the Road’ by Hugh Vaughan, published on the NSW Writers Centre blog (May 2012)

Poem ‘I’ published in Issue One of Burley Journal (May 2012)

Short story CLUE FIVE published on Verity La (May 2012)

Non-fiction story Sunshine Shopping Plaza Bookshop Story, published/performed/recorded as part of the Mall Stories self-guided audio walking tour, for You Are Here Festival (March 2012)

Arts feature Enlivening the Handwritten published in BMA magazine (January 2012)


Review of poetry gig Urban Soul Food published in BMA magazine (September 2011)

Non-fiction piece Ghost Town published in Voiceworks Magazine #85: OTHER (July 2011)

Various writings for NYWM and the National Young Writers Month blog (May-June 2011)

Article A Call to Arms for National Young Writers Month, published in ACTWrite  the ACT Writers Centre Newsletter (May 2011)

Interview with Pete Akhurst A First Time For Everything, published in BMA magazine (May 2011)


Editorial work on several pieces for several issues of The Lifted Brow (throughout 2010)

‘Ficto-criticism’ piece Infinity Tube Vox Pop published in Next Wave 2010’s Text Camp Reader (c. August 2010)

Editor of several pieces in Next Wave 2010’s Text Camp Reader (c. August 2010)

Exhibition review Magnificence of Embroidery published on Artshub (March 2010)


Editorial committee member, proofreader and reader of various pieces for various issues of Voiceworks Magazine (2009-2011)

Various writings for Virgule, the Voiceworks Blog (2009-2010)

Fringe Festival show review of Bart Freebairn: A Breathtaking Magical Journey into the Ordinary published on the Buzzcuts website (September 2009)

Melbourne Fringe Festival show review of Meet Me At The End published on the Buzzcuts website (September 2009)

Melbourne Fringe Festival show review of A Little Piece published on the Buzzcuts website (September 2009)

Melbourne Fringe Festival show review of Gasworks Presents: Mikki Ross published on the Buzzcuts website and in Beat Magazine, (September 2009)


Poem Ocean in the City published in Block Journal 7

Non-fiction piece Your Funeral published in Tattoo: FIRST 2008 [Winner of Editor’s Choice Award]

Poem Number of elected members representing each district in the ACT Legislative Assembly — a haiku published in Tattoo: FIRST 2008


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